Technical publications

Thatcham 1st: Mercedes C Class

The new C-Class is lighter (by around 100kg) utilising a steel/aluminium hybrid body, and featuring new Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies.

Repair Aware

escribe’s new Repair Aware functionality from Thatcham delivers up front repair recommendations on all relevant methods data, enabling repairers to…

Thatcham 1st: Ford EcoSport

A new small crossover derived from the Ford Fiesta, built at Chennai in India.

Thatcham 1st: Kia Soul

This is the 2nd-generation of the urban crossover from Kia featuring a high percentage of HSS/UHSS, with a fully EV version likely to follow later in the year.

Thatcham 1st: Peugeot Citroen EMP2 platform

The EMP2 platform is the modular architecture that allows a range of models to be built using the same production and technology